Board of Directors

Kristina Cobia

Kristina has been basking in the glorious world of surfing for 16 adventure-filled years. She has conquered the waves of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hawaii, California, and her home state of Florida. It’s safe to say her biggest passions in life are Christ, her family, helping people and you guessed it!… SURFING! Her husband of 6 years, daughter and son both fill her life with happiness daily.
Kristina works as an Ultrasound tech in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is a full time stoke afficionado for Wahine Warriors!

Dr. Sylvia Gindy
Board Member

Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She completed her Post-Doctoral Residency at the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York. She currently works as a Staff Psychologist at the Stratton VA Medical Center, providing individual and group psychotherapy for Veterans. Dr. Gindy specializes in the treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder resulting from Combat Exposure or Sexual Assault. She also works as a Diagnostic Evaluator at a group practice. Her areas of interest include Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Serious Mental Illness, Crisis Intervention, Sleep Disorders, and Evidence-Based Therapies. Dr. Gindy is as an advocate for women and believes that women reach their greatest potential through a holistic approach to care, comprised of psychological, physiological, and social components. In her spare time, Dr. Gindy enjoys working out, baking, and spending time in her hometown of New York City.

Cat “Catastrophe” Innis
VP & Safety Coordinator

Hello, I’m Cat! I work as a paramedic and I’m studying to become a nurse. I’m an avid mountain biker and race competitively. Although I’m a big mountain biker, surfing has been a passion of mine since I was 14 when I got my very first surfboard! My mom supported my dream of learning how to surf and would spend countless hours at the beach while I learned, played in the water and dealt with the “one more wave then I’ll be in” routine. For me surfing has been a passion right from the start and I have met many awesome people through it, such as Kristina! I love that when I’m out surfing I have no worries and it seems as if I’m in another world. The crashing of the waves, warm sun, beautiful sunset sessions, and dancing down the line of a wave is such an incredible feeling of awe. It’s indescribable, there’s no words that are worthy to describe the feeling of happiness, peace, relaxation that rushes over me when I surf. What’s best about it too is when you share that feeling, fun and love of surfing with others! The ocean is and alway has been a place of happiness for me! I look forward to meeting other girls through Wahine Warriors, supporting one another and forming special connections and bonds over the beautiful, sun soaked, salty waves!

Alexandra “Chica” Menk

Alexandra Menk comes from a long history as a senior art director for some of the largest multinational companies. Burnt out by the corporate lifestyle, Alexandra decided to focus on her true passions, water sports and the environment. Growing up in Bogota, Colombia, Alex was a fish out of water.  Her devotion for the Ocean began when she first set foot in the water as part of her training for a diving certification.  And just like that, the fish was returned to where it always belonged.  After travelling around the world, diving in the most incredible locations, including the breath taking Great Barrier Reef, Alex moved to Florida.  It was in sunny South Florida where she was introduced to kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding and long boarding. Once she found the connection between the Ocean and God, her life would never be the same, and she will never live more than a couple miles from the beach.
“The Ocean is my Playground, my Home, is the place where I meet GOD!
The Ocean is the place where I feel the most humble and full of gratitude… and at the same time, it shows me how strong I can be!”