About Us

Wahine Warriors is an advocate for mental health and wellness! We empower individuals with sustainable tools through surfing, a strong sense of community, and fostering a relationship with God. This organization is founded by surfers and women who bring faith, hope, and love to people in need.

Our mission is to raise confidence and facilitate healing for anyone in need, using a surf wellness program in a Christ – centered environment.

“When you’re surfing, you’re not thinking about what’s waiting for you on land. That presence, that ability to be in the zone [flow state], to connect to yourself, it changes the way you see the world and changes how you relate to others. The ocean heals you, humbles you and is all-inclusive- it is truly the great equalizer.”  -Kris Primacio, ISTO CEO

Surf. Pray. Heal.

Catch the stoke, find confidence and reap the many other benefits surfing provides. Become a surf sister or brother with Wahine Warriors!