About Us

Wahine Warriors is an advocate for mental health and wellness! We empower individuals with sustainable tools through surfing, a strong sense of community, and fostering a relationship with God. This organization is founded by surfers and women who bring faith, hope, and love to people in need.

Our Mission & What We Do

Our mission is to raise confidence and facilitate healing for anyone in need, using a surf wellness program in a Christ – centered environment.

Catch the stoke, find confidence and reap the many other benefits surfing provides. Become a surf sister or brother with Wahine Warriors!


“When you’re surfing, you’re not thinking about what’s waiting for you on land. That presence, that ability to be in the zone [flow state], to connect to yourself, it changes the way you see the world and changes how you relate to others. The ocean heals you, humbles you and is all-inclusive- it is truly the great equalizer.”  -Kris Primacio, ISTO CEO

Surf. Pray. Heal.